Logo update | Logokohu blew up Iittala’s demand on Tori.fi – “The fastest jump in interest ever”

IitTalan The uproar caused by the new logo last week caused Tori.fi users to search for used Iittala products more than usual, peer-to-peer shopping site Tori.fi says.

“In terms of searches, the Iittala rush is the fastest jump in interest for a single brand in Tori ever,” Tori says in the press release.

Peer-to-peer shopping According to Tori, Iittala’s products were searched for 75 percent more than usual last week.

In dishes, Iittala is the 3rd most popular search term of the last week.

In addition, the names of Iittala’s collections such as Teema, Kastehelmi and Ultima Thule are highlighted in searches.

Iittala said on Monday of last week that it will ditch its i logo.

“The buzz started right away on Monday. There are now more than 10,000 Iittala ads. For example, there are 4,000 ads for Pentiki – which is also a particularly popular brand,” Tor’s manager Jenni Tuomisto said, according to the release.

“The reason for the sudden trading is probably that it is thought that classic products will soon no longer be available in the store. It seems that there is now a desire to hoard those products.”

Other popular Finnish brands in Tor are Marimekko, Artek, Lundia and Pentik.

Market is part of the Norwegian Schibsted stock exchange company, which also includes Oikotie and Rakentaja.fi. It owns Norway’s largest newspaper, Verdens Gang.

An average of 1.3 million people use Tor every week. In total, Tori was visited more than 670 million times last year. 15.5 million advertisements were published.

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