Lázárék started the fundamental renewal of the KRESZ

The KRESZ, which was introduced on January 1, 1976 and is in force today, was born as a result of joining the much earlier Vienna Convention of 1968, so its foundations are already more than 55 years old. The Ministry of Construction and Transportation has launched a comprehensive review of the legal environment that determines traffic behavior, a prominent part of which is the renewal of the KRESZ.

According to the ministry’s announcement, it had previously collected 381 proposals from 12 professional organizations, a third of which concerned conceptual foundations, which made it clear that the regulation should be comprehensively renewed.

KTI Institute of Transport and Logistics Nonprofit Kft. was entrusted with this task. As part of the process, the Ministry and KTI will hold a two-day transport industry forum on February 12-13. This came up on Monday

making the designated pedestrian crossings safer, as well as the issue of revising and updating the vehicle’s technical regulations.

It was also suggested that, in addition to motor vehicle education, traffic education and training should be given greater emphasis during preparation for traffic, already in elementary school.

The KRESZ and the rules related to driver’s licenses have not only occupied Hungary lately, but also the European Parliament. For example, it was planned that drivers over the age of 70 would be required to periodically test their KRESZ knowledge, but also that if someone’s driver’s license was lost in an EU country, they would be banned from driving in the entire EU.

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