Labor market | Snellman begins change negotiations

Food manufacturer Snellman says that he will start change negotiations in the meat processing and ready-made meals unit in order to reduce a maximum of 40 people.

In addition, the planned substantial changes in the employment relationship are estimated to affect a maximum of one hundred people.

In meat processing, change negotiations concern the entire white-collar organization and administrative functions of production, and in ready-made food production, sales and sales support functions.

Snellman from St. Petersburg employs about 2,000 people.

Negotiations the basis is production, financial and reasons arising from the reorganization of operations. Snellman says that the goal is both to improve the company’s profitability and to develop operations to better meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Snellman has not announced last year’s results, but the company’s CEO Markus Hellström according to last year’s result will remain weak.

In recent years, the food industry has been marked by rising costs in production factors. The companies in the industry have been able to transfer the increase in costs to sales prices only partially, because inflation has reduced the purchasing power of consumers.

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