In recent years, the unemployment benefit has jumped quite a bit. What is the average amount?

The average amount of the unemployment benefit paid by Social Insurance to unemployed people reached 567 euros last year. In the last three years, this benefit has increased by almost thirty percent, as in 2020 the average amount of the unemployment benefit was 441 euros.

Last year, an average of 36.6 thousand people received unemployment benefits in Slovakia. Compared to the situation three years ago, this is a decrease of roughly a third, since in 2020 this benefit was paid to more than 53,000 people.

Sociálna poisťovňa spent more than 268 mil. for the payment of unemployment benefits for the whole of last year. EUR, which represents a decrease of 61 million. euros compared to 2020. This follows from the data published by the Social Insurance Agency.

Unemployment benefit is paid by Social Insurance to the unemployed for a maximum of half a year. The condition for entitlement to this benefit is to obtain at least 730 days of unemployment insurance in the last four years before entering the unemployment register. The unemployment benefit is provided per day and its amount is 50% of the daily assessment base, or daily gross salary of the employee. As the wages of employees increase, so does the average amount of the unemployment benefit.

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