How will the government help people with high energy prices? We still don’t have an answer. Saková does not want to copy her predecessors

Government assistance with energy prices is still unknown. The Ministry of Economy continues negotiations on steps to combat expensive energy.

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Minister of Economy Denisa Saková (Voice).

“We are doing what we can. Today we have another meeting with the Ministry of Finance and ÚRSO. We are trying to put everything into the best consensus so that people do not suffer from any possible increase in energy prices. We will keep you informed,” said Economy Minister Denisa Saková.

The minister did not want to specify when the government’s actions on the issue of energy prices would be known. However, she emphasized that the current government will not copy the behavior of past governments.

“We will definitely not copy the behavior of previous governments, when we basically decide on the price decisions for 2023 now in November and they should have been ready in December last year,” Sakova pointed out.

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