Geoana, about Trump’s statements regarding the defense of NATO countries: They are probably statements with a campaign purpose / What makes the former American president right

Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoană, states that, in his opinion, former President Donald Trump’s statements that he would not support a NATO state that did not allocate 2% of its GDP for defense if it were to be attacked are “probably and with iz of the campaign”, because “it is in America’s interest, first of all, to keep its allies close”, but that Trump is right when he says that it is abnormal for the US to defend states that do not, in turn, allocate for Defense , according to

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Regarding Donald Trump’s claim that he would let the Russians do what they want with countries that do not allocate at least two percent to defense, the NATO official believes that Trump is right when he says that it is abnormal for the US to defend countries which do not allocate, in turn, for Defense, in the context in which America spends 3.5% of GDP, a large GDP, for defense.

  • “Where there is a grain of truth, perhaps Trump said it more forcefully and radically, that it is abnormal for America to fully pay for the security of the Europeans. Under this form of pressure, of stronger bargaining, several allies began to spend towards 2%. I think that Europe is also starting to wake up to the new reality”, said Geoană.
  • “I think, further, that they are statements, probably also with campaign intent. (…) I think it is in America’s interest, first of all, to keep its allies close and such statements do not determine that America’s leadership role is undermined globally. Obviously, it’s a harsh statement, but having worked with President Trump before and knowing that there is a difference between the campaign and a possible position in the White House, let’s still keep our faith in what our Alliance represents”, said the NATO official.

Geoana announced that NATO is doing an analysis regarding the percentages of GDP that the member states of the Alliance allocate.

Geoană also states that the recent political events in Russia indicate that the Russian Federation will be an unpredictable and aggressive state in the years to come, and in this context the strengthening of NATO forces is important.

  • “We do not see an imminent risk to our security, but we see an increasingly unpredictable Russia, we see a Russia that seems to have come out of a logic of minimal collaboration with the West, and the recent interview that an American journalist conducted with President Putin shows , in fact, that in strategic communication, including for the pseudo-election campaign in Russia, Russia, the fortress besieged by the evil and destructive West, in quotation marks, has become state policy. So we anticipate, for many years, because this regime seems to re-perpetuate itself, an aggressive Russia, an unpredictable Russia, and the best solution is to prepare for a negative scenario. Because preparing for a negative scenario means that scenario doesn’t happen. The stronger you are, that’s what Russia and Putin understand, they understand the language of force, NATO is strong, the risks are much lower. But we cannot say that we will have quiet years ahead of us in the relationship with Russia, it remains an unpredictable and potentially dangerous country. This is the reality and we must tell it, calmly, to the citizens”, said Mircea Geoană, Monday evening, on Digi 24.

Donald Trump, most likely the Republican candidate who will face Joe Biden in the American presidential elections in November, threatened on Saturday that if he is re-electedwill no longer defend NATO countries that do not allocate a large enough share of their defense budgets, even going so far as to encourage Russia to attack them.

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