Family allowance: a deadline pressing for many expires on February 15

An important deadline is approaching for future students. You must apply for higher education vocational courses, basic and undivided courses, and master’s courses starting in September by February 15. Continuing education increases the family’s burdens, and the expenses multiply if housing also has to be solved because the student moves to another city. In addition, revenues will decrease – the portal points out.

After the child graduates, there is no more family allowance or even family tax relief. After graduation, the family allowance is only paid until the end of the academic year, i.e. the end of June. According to the legislation, the family allowance (i.e. schooling support for school-aged children) is paid for the entire period of compulsory schooling (this now means the completion of the 16th year of schooling), as long as the child is studying in a public education institution, but at most until the end of the academic year in which the child reaches the age of 16. 20 – 23 years of age in the case of a child with special educational needs.

Although there is no family allowance for a child who is a university student, a child continuing his studies at a higher education institution is included in the number of dependents. This means that if there is a younger sibling (or other beneficiary dependent) who still receives family allowance, the parent can request that the university student be taken into account in the calculation. This is important because it allows them to receive a higher amount. However, this can only be requested after the start of the academic year, with proof of valid student status, two months back. In other words, it is not automatic, and it is advisable to apply in September.

This is how it should be calculated

Although the amount of the family allowance has not changed since 2008, so its real value has deteriorated a lot, it can still be painful when it is no longer paid after the child graduates from high school in July. (We write about the family allowance and its amount here in detail.) While a family with two children today still receives HUF 26,600 per month (HUF 13,300 per child), a family with one child receives HUF 12,200. If the child continues to study and continues at university from September, the parent can request it – it must be applied for! – to be included in the number of dependents. Thus, instead of HUF 12,200 for his brother, HUF 13,300 for two children will be paid.

What about vocational training?

The situation is different if the matriculated student does not continue his studies at university, but in vocational training, again full-time at a public education institution. In that case, the parent is entitled to the family allowance until the end of the school year in which the child turns 20. However, it is not automatically awarded, it must be applied for after graduation. If you are over 20 years old, the situation is the same as if you continue your studies at university: in other words, the family allowance does not apply, but if the parent requests it, it can be included in the number of children (as dependents).

Farewell to the family tax allowance

We can take advantage of a family tax discount after the child as long as the family allowance is also paid. As a continuing student, however, it is included in the number of children in the same way as in the case of the family allowance. In other words, if you participate in vocational training, you can still receive the parent’s family allowance until the age of 20 (until the end of the academic year), then it will be counted in the family tax allowance in the same way as before. If, on the other hand, you are over 20 years old, or if you go on to university or college, the family tax allowance will no longer apply from July. But it is included in the number of dependents, so the higher discount can be used for the younger sibling(s).

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