Energy, Selectra selects the best electricity and gas suppliers

Selected by Selectra the best suppliers of electricity and gas of the free market thanks to a new evaluation tool, designed to meet the needs of consumers. “With the end of the Protected Market for gas and electricity, Italians are in fact looking for the best offers to switch to” and for this reason, “thanks to an evaluation methodology by Selectra Rating based on 6 factors which assigns a score from 1 to 10 , it is possible to identify the supply most suited to your needs” announces Selectra.

“The rating scale – explains the company – does not only take into account the prices but also, thanks to a dedicated algorithm, other main factors: the amount of the fixed fee, the presence and proportions of bonuses and discounts, the number of channels made available by customer support, reviews from existing customers, additional services included”. Flavia Masci, Energy Manager of Selectra Italia, underlines that “with Selectra Rating the choice of offer is tailor-made for each type of consumer”.

The manager highlights that a new evaluation methodology has been prepared to classify the offers of the main suppliers of the Free Market: we do not only consider the final price but we also analyze the additional services offered by the manager, such as discounts, Pay TV subscriptions or home insurance , and many other parameters that make the difference when looking for the ideal offer. Selectra Rating is only the latest of the tools that we make available through the portal developed to help consumers in this transition period”.

The various factors that determine the position of the offer in Selectra Rating are assigned a score according to a very specific scheme: the price of energy, calculated through the Selectra Index, has a weight of 30 points, while those for the fixed fee and 18 the score for bonuses and discounts. Attention to the customer also has a substantial weight in the ranking, logically influenced by the reviews left on the various online platforms.

Consequently, the company finally explains, 17 points are counted for the efficiency and number of customer service contact channels, 5 for customer reviews and an equal 5 for the additional services included in the offer. Scores are updated daily based on changes in offers.

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