Denis Villeneuve, the director of “Dune: Part Two”, says that the film will be slightly different than what people expect

Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is inviting audiences back to the desert planet of Arrakis for “Dune: Part Two,” the second part of the epic film based on the book of the same name by writer Frank Herbert, saying that his version of the feature film will be closer to the original intentions of the acclaimed appropriate American author Reuters.

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Distributed by the giant Warner Bros., Dune: Part Two will premiere in cinemas in Romania on March 1, simultaneously with the release on the domestic market in North America. The film was supposed to hit theaters in November 2023, but was pushed back by the double strike that paralyzed Hollywood for much of last year.

The first movie Dunes directed by Villeneuve opened in 2021, grossing over $400 million on a production budget of $165 million.

Those who have seen the first feature will of course know that it follows Paul (played by Timothée Chalamet) and how he goes from being the noble heir of House Atreides to an outsider on the planet Arrakis, where he finds himself isolated with his mother Jessica.

Eventually Paul comes to be worshiped as a messiah by the planet’s inhabitants, called the Fremen.

How will “Dune: Part Two” differ from the story of Frank Herbert’s novel

For the second film Villeneuve decided to follow a slightly different time frame than that of Herbert’s books, the story of Dune: Part Two to begin immediately after the conclusion of the first feature film, thus leaving aside the jump to the future in the novel.

But Villeneuve says in an interview with Reuters that he believes this sequence of events he chose is closer to how Herbert thought the book would be received Dunes original from 1965.

“When Frank Herbert wrote the book and after it came out, he was disappointed with the way people perceived the character of Paul. He felt that people looked at Paul as a hero and to him Paul was an anti-hero, he was a dark figure, he was a danger,” the Canadian director told Reuters.

Villeneuve also states that Herbert wanted ca Dunes to be a cautionary tale about the danger of charismatic leaders and how readers interpreted the character ultimately led him to write the novel The savior of Dunato correct the misperception of Paul formed in the first book.

“So when I wrote (the script for) the adaptation I made sure I was closer to Frank Herbert’s original intentions,” the 56-year-old director told Reuters.

Denis Villeneuve Wants to Make a Third ‘Dune’ Movie

Villeneuve also spoke again about his desire to make more films Dunes whereas the first two are based only on the first book of the universe created by Frank Herbert.

“At first my goal was to adapt the first Dune book. I finished this. It would make sense for me to finish Paul Atreides’ story with Dune Savior, the second book, and make a trilogy,” explained the Canadian filmmaker.

“So that’s in the works now and when I have a solid script there’s a good chance I’ll be back on Arrakis,” he said.

The Canadian director stated as early as last August that he had started working on a third film Dunesalso stating then that the later novels in Herbert’s series “deconstructed” the idea of ​​Paul Atreides being a messianic-type hero, and that this is an idea he wishes to explore.

“I’ll just say we have words on paper,” he said a few months ago.

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