Competing e-tailers are attacking the super-cheap Temura

In the video Zoltán Ormós The vice-president, the head of the small business division, did not elaborate on what kind of violations they believe to be discovered at Temu, but according to their promise, they will of course be included in the submission, the portal reads.

So far, not many people have complained to Temu: a total of 1 consumer complaint has been received by the authority regarding the operation of Temu, but this was not within the competence of the GVH, the agency told

The latest rising star of e-commerce has only been available in Hungary for a few months, but it has already become a serious player alongside Amazon, Shein and Etsy. In terms of customer numbers, Temu was already ahead of Alza in January of this year in Hungary, and in this respect only eMAG is ahead of it on the market.

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