Chirițoiu, about the bank investigations: If sanctions are reached, they can amount to tens or hundreds of millions of euros / A decision, possibly towards the end of the year

​The Competition Council has not finished processing the hundreds of cloned emails from banks in the two investigations opened at credit institutions, but hopes to have a final decision towards the end of this year. “If we give sanctions, they will be large, tens or hundreds of millions of euros. The intention is to have a decision this year,” said Bogdan Chirițoiu, president of the Competition Council, on Tuesday.

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  • “The banks have not yet finished processing all the collected data. There are 2 investigations. In one we look at the possible manipulation of the ROBOR index. The second investigation aims at how banks change customer history data and whether this mechanism of de-pointing a customer who goes to several banks has the effect of preventing the customer from moving from one bank to another,” said Bogdan Chirițoiu.

Chirițoiu stated, however, that the investigation team has not yet finished processing all the emails collected from the banks.

  • “There are hundreds of emails. Teras of data have been collected. We cloned the information from the PCs and it is read by email in the presence of the lawyers of the concerned banks”, said Daniela Bădilă, general director of the Competition Council.

In September of last year, the representatives of the Competition Council carried out unannounced inspections at the headquarters of several commercial banks, suspecting that the financial institutions colluded with each other to set the interest rates on loans, official sources said for Hotnews.

Inspectors of the Competition Council descended on the offices of commercial banks in the country, as they were suspected of cartel-type understanding in connection with reports to the Credit Bureau.

In November 2022, the competition institution carried out unannounced inspections at 10 banks, suspected of having formed a cartel to establish the ROBOR index, according to which part of Romanians’ loans are calculated.

Photo source: Tero Vesalainen /

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