Bper, new edition of ‘The Gambling Trap’ project with Public Notice

The new edition of ‘La Trappola dell’Azzardo’, the Public Notice and Bper Banca project aimed at preventing addiction to pathological gambling among young people and beyond, was presented this morning in Milan. The meeting with the press was attended by Flavia Mazzarella, president of Bper Banca, Roberto Montà, president of Notice Public and Anna Scavuzzo, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Milan. The aim of the project, also for this year, is to increase awareness of the risks and dangers that revolve around the world of gambling, trying to involve and raise awareness as many people as possible, with particular attention to the world of young people.

What is new in this new edition is the direct involvement of some professional associations. The afternoon meetings will in fact be included in the training courses for the recognition of individual credits, starting from the Order of journalists, social workers, lawyers and psychologists. Four stages are planned for 2024: it will start on February 16th in Bari, then continue in Verona in March (date still to be confirmed), and then arrive in Milan on April 11th for the third stage and close in May with the Florence stage.

Also presented during the conference was the new information booklet ‘Avoiding the trap: a handbook for online gambling’ to be distributed to students and citizens during the meetings, aimed at providing greater knowledge tools on the main critical issues linked to the widespread gaming offer (legal and illegal) on the Internet, with testimonials and a focus on misleading advertising, as well as the numbers of the national phenomenon.

As President Mazzarella explained, “For the second consecutive year, Bper Banca is embracing a project with important objectives and great social value. The phenomenon of gambling is still recording significant numbers, with the involvement of an increasingly younger group of people and with often alarming repercussions on families and communities. Our institute – he continued – thanks also to this project, is actively involved in the fight against pathological gambling with an important educational campaign and concrete actions to combat the phenomenon. We are looking for to support and support communities and families with continuous awareness and information activities on the territories. Intentions and values ​​that we undoubtedly find in this extraordinary project”, concluded Mazzarella.

While according to President Montà, “the continuation of the ‘The Gambling Trap’ project, with the precious support of Bper Banca, represents an extraordinary opportunity to provide useful tools and knowledge to prevent the risk of pathological gambling addiction to a vast audience of stakeholders and young citizens. Public Notice for over 10 years – he recalled – has carefully followed the gaming phenomenon and monitored the impact on an economic, social and criminal level, starting from the experience of local administrators who experience the effects in direct contact on the territory. The data provided at a national level, with a growth trend in the volume of gaming both physically and online, suggests an increase in sensitivity among the younger generations in particular. But there is also the spread of a culture of responsibility , which arises precisely from the experiences of those who administer the territories. Experiences that we intend to make available to Parliament, where an important measure regulating the matter is under discussion”, concluded Montà.

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