Biden asks Netanyahu not to launch operation in Rafah “without a credible plan” to protect the population

American President Joe Biden asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday not to launch a military operation in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, “without a credible and realistic plan” to protect the population, the White House announced, AFP and Reuters report.

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Biden also called for “urgent and specific measures to increase the pace and regularity of humanitarian aid for innocent Palestinian civilians”, the White House said in a statement released after the telephone conversation between the two leaders, reports Agerpres.

The discussion comes at a time when the American leader began to raise his voice against Israel, AFP notes.

“I think, as you know, that the response in Gaza, in the Gaza Strip, was excessive,” the American president said Thursday evening, recalling that there are “many innocent people who are starving, in distress, and this must cease”.

The international community is concerned after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the army to prepare an offensive on Rafah, the last refuge of Palestinians displaced by the war from the rest of the Gaza Strip, where some 1.3 million Palestinians now live, more than half of the territory’s population. .

In an interview broadcast on Sunday on the American channel ABC, the Israeli prime minister said that the Israeli army would provide a “secure corridor” before the planned assault on Rafah.

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