A very old European company is moving part of its production to Asia. Its products will be manufactured in Indonesia

The cost of pianos produced in Asia will be at least half as much as in the Czech Republic, e15.cz reports.

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Part of the production of Czech Petrof pianos is being transferred to Indonesia, the e15.cz portal reports citing the owner and president of the company, Zuzana Ceralova-Petrofova.

Labor costs, which are increasingly less skilled, energy and material costs have risen significantly in recent years. We are already struggling to compete with firms in Asia who are able to produce musical instruments much more cheaply. So we decided that we will provide the opportunity to produce the cheapest piano models in Indonesia“, said Ceralova-Petrofova.

Production of Petrof brand pianos is expected to begin in Indonesia in the second half of the year. Their cost will be at least half than in the Czech Republic. At the same time, piano production will also continue at the company’s factory in Hradec Kralove, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The most expensive models, including concert pianos, will be assembled there.

In Indonesia, approximately 300 Petrof pianos are planned to be produced in 2024. In the future, production will increase to 2,000 pianos per year. The products will be sold in Europe, Southeast Asia as well as the USA.

The company Petrof was founded in 1864. Its sales volume in 2022 amounted to 247 million kroner (about 11 million dollars), and its net profit was 8.7 million kroner (about 380 thousand dollars ). A serious blow to the company’s business was the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent interruption of the supply of pianos to the Russian Federation. The company also suffered significant damage due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to a reduction in product sales in China.

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