A new term for the arrival from Brazil of Alstom trains for the Bucharest metro

​The metro trains produced in Brazil by Alstom could reach Bucharest towards the end of March, but there have been so many delays that it is hard to believe any deadline. Alstom has to pay penalties of approximately 20 million euros due to delays in the delivery of metro trains for the Capital, said Sorin Grindeanu, the Minister of Transport, at the end of January.

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Mihai Barbu, president of the Metrorex Board of Directors, said on a B1 TV show that the Alstom trains produced in Brazil should arrive in Romania “somewhere at the end of March”. That’s according to discussions with the production company, but the delays are already long and “we don’t have absolute confidence in the numbers they’re giving us,” he says.

Barbu also stated that the penalty bills for the company kept increasing, and it requested a conciliation meeting.

“They promised, they don’t keep their word, the penalties will flow” – Minister Grindeanu is angry with Alstom, which was very late with the metro trains for Bucharest

Asked if he would forgive the company for the penalties, Mihai Barbu answered: “In no case! In no case do we forgive them of penalties. This conciliation probably refers to the penalty calculation system, but in no case do we forgive them the penalties.”

“As we had the last discussions with the company that has to supply these trains, on February 22 they should leave Brazil and somewhere at the end of March they should arrive in Romania, then they will do that 10,000 km run-in without passengers and if all things are in order, then they will also travel with passengers”.

The statements were made during the show “Drumurile nostre”, moderated by Ștefan Etveș on B1 TV.

At the end of January, Minister Grindeanu was angry about Alstom’s delays and said that “they promised, they don’t keep their word, the penalties will flow”.

“I don’t think they want to pay these penalties, I just want one thing: we’re talking about a conglomerate, a huge company. Maybe Romania, talking about all these contracts signed in recent years with this supplier – for the subway and for new trains – becomes more important from a world perspective for this company and maybe we become a priority. This is the only call I can make. If not, the penalties will continue,” Minister Grindeanu said.

The contract with Alstom for the metro trains was signed at the end of 2020, and the trains are produced in Brazil. The value of the contract for the first 13 trains is over 100 million euros. Each train has six carriages, is 114 meters long and has a capacity of 1,200 passengers/train.

The contract was awarded at the end of 2020, but there have been numerous production delays. It was hoped at one point that all the trains would arrive in the country during 2023. Last summer it was hoped that at least the first train would arrive in Bucharest by the end of 2023. It was not like that.

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