13th monthly pension: Mihály Varga announced previously unheard numbers

The finance minister said: the budget provides the more than HUF 1,000 billion needed for this, even in the current difficult and dangerous times. The government is fulfilling its promise made in 2010, preserving the purchasing power of pensions, MTI quotes.

Last year’s 18.5 percent increase was already followed in January by another 6 percent increase. Since 2010, the amount of pensions has more than doubled, and its purchasing power has increased by 20 percent.

Mihály Varga he emphasized that pensioners can still count on the national government in the future.

How does the thousand billion come out?

Through the 13th monthly pension, nearly two million pensioners will receive HUF 449 billion in extra benefits this year. If we add to this the cost of the 13th monthly benefits of nearly half a million other entitled persons, then the total payment of 520.5 billion forints, including the February allowance, is 1,041 billion forints – they summarize on pensiongugu.hu.

USA News Today