123Credit announces its 2023 awardees

123Credit, the online platform that facilitates applying and obtaining a loan, awarded its brokers with the best results in 2023 in January.

Following the acquisition of an investment of 3 million euros in October 2022 and the implementation of the new branding and marketing campaigns in March 2023, the 123credit.ro credit platform consolidated its growth and expansion process at national level during the previous year, including by opening four physical offices.

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With the inauguration of the physical offices, a complete circle of 123credit.ro services is practically closed, defining an ecosystem where customers are certain that they will find all the necessary information, the right advice and direct and constant support throughout the entire process of obtaining a loan .

In addition to physical offices, 123Credit has a national network of lending and financial intermediation specialists, which currently covers 28 counties and 38 cities.

In recognition of their outstanding efforts, 123Credit has decided to award awards to the most outstanding of these professionals.

“It is said that “a profession is only as noble as the value its professionals manage to bring to society.”

Of course, numbers are important, in any business they help you measure and score, but beyond the numbers, these awards reflect the value that our colleagues have brought to society in 2023, through the dedication and exemplary involvement offered to each client, thus credit to the entire company.

And when professionalism and passion for the job meet, they become inspiration for all who follow in their footsteps, not only in a successful business, but for an entire industry.” Ionuț Verzea, General Manager of the 123Credit Broker Network

The opening of physical offices was a winning move for 123Credit, the office in Cluj-Napoca being the one that gave the best 3 brokers with the highest volumes of loans brokered in 2023, the prizes going to:

Emilia Pițu

Manuela Ersen

Erika Horvath

“In recent years, the county of Cluj and the city of Cluj Napoca in particular are in continuous development, both from the point of view of infrastructure, corporate investments and the standard of living, transforming into an increasingly attractive space for many young people.

This makes both the credit market and the real estate market more and more effervescent.

The creation of a 123credit Credit Hub in Cluj came as a natural evolution and I am glad that we were able to bring with us the best specialists in the field of credit brokerage in this area.

The fact that the top of loan sales at 123Credit in 2023 is occupied by 3 loan brokers from Cluj Napoca is not a surprise, but a confirmation of their professionalism.

And this makes me affirm with all responsibility that the residents of the city have in the 123Credit Cluj team the most suitable people to help them find and obtain the best financing solutions to fulfill their dreams.” Sebastian Piu, co-founder of 123Credit.

Through the investments and development strategy of 123Credit, the mix between online and offline brokerage is strengthened, creating a simple and effective alternative for customers who want to obtain the right credit.

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