You no longer have to scrub a dirty kitchen board by hand: Just pour this solution over it

We cannot do without a kitchen board when cooking in the home, so it is also necessary to take proper care of it. If we neglect this care, we could cause really unpleasant health problems. How to do it easily, simply and effectively?

Although the kitchen cutting board is still called a “cutting board”, in many cases it no longer has anything to do with wood. We have plastic and sometimes even glass cutting boards, but even the classic ones can still be found in households. In addition to the glass, they also have one feature in common. With poor care, they can literally turn into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which we then eat with sliced ​​cheese for a snack. How our body reacts to it is up to itself.

How to make an old cutting board new again? Instructions can be found in the YouTube video from
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Cleanliness is essential

It will certainly be better to try to prevent possible health problems as much as possible. Keeping the kitchen clean is the least we can do for our health. As we well know, hygiene is at least half of health. At the same time, we don’t have to worry that taking care of the cutting boards would take up our free weekends. If we know how to handle them, the job will be done in no time.

You don’t have to exert yourself too much

Grooves in the cutting board, whether we have a classic wooden or plastic one, occur and we cannot avoid it. But it takes work to clean them so perfectly that germs don’t stick in them. Or we can cleverly help ourselves with a few ingredients that you surely have at home.

You win with baking soda

We have already seen many times how beneficial baking soda is not only directly for cooking or baking, but also for household cleaning. It will help us in this case as well. If we also mix baking soda with salt in a ratio of 1:1, we get a literally brilliant cleaner that we certainly don’t want to be deprived of. It works by itself and perfectly. It is enough to add this mixture with an equal part of water and a kind of slurry will be created, which can be spread on a cutting board. We are free for a while and can devote ourselves to other work. After a few minutes, we just wipe the cleaner off the cutting board and rinse it thoroughly. We will be done. It was that simple.

Lemon or vinegar?

Another option is to use lemon or even lemon juice will do. We can either combine this with the already mentioned baking soda, or the juice alone will suffice. As in the previous case, we apply the lemon to the cutting board and let its acid take effect. Just like lemon, we can also use vinegar, the result will be the same. After a few tens of seconds, we can be sure that it is possible to use this kitchen tool safely and hygienically again. Could anything be easier?

Choose the right material

If you are determined or forced to buy new kitchen equipment and cutting boards are also on the shopping list, you have a chance to decide what material to choose. Keep in mind that wooden cutting boards, thanks to their properties, more easily retain the edges of the knives used, but they will be a little more difficult to care for, since we cannot wash them in the dishwasher. Plastic plates have a slightly lower durability, they destroy knives more, but again we don’t have to think about whether to add them to other dishes and let the device work for us. In addition, they also tend to be more affordable, so replacing them won’t hurt the wallet as much. It is up to each of you which option you choose.

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