Will there be a reality show? Jasmina added another mysterious link: We’ve been filming for a long time!

After the success of the megaconcert in Prague, Kontrafakt headed to Slovakia with the biggest indoor show. The fans waited until February 9, 2024. The show took place at the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium in Bratislava. The big rap event wasn’t the only news from the lives of Patrik Rytmus Vrbovský (47) and Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská (34).

The presenter revealed to fans on social networks that they are planning something together. “Friends, today my whole family and I are changing our lives in a certain way. I’m not pregnant, unfortunately I can’t say why. Just remember today, because one big thing starts today,” Jasmina said from her car on Friday morning.

Then she showed up with make-up and a change of clothes. “It is here. And today, me, Paťa, our family, our closest friends, and you, Gabi, may be losing a piece of privacy, but we are getting closer than ever before. You are becoming, you don’t even know to what extent, a part of our lives, starting today,” Jasmina said in a video on the social network and together with Gabika Ruman she showed a car full of people who were preparing something.

Jasmine’s secrecy was immediately reacted to by her fans with hints that it is a reality show. The presenter spoke to them again on Monday. She also had a meeting with a celebrity make-up artist.

“Today we have a full day of shooting. This project, which we have been shooting for a long time, but at intervals, is really very nice and very interesting for me as a woman who has some convictions. And you know what it underlines? It underlines the saying – never say never. I see stories with my own eyes that completely shake my beliefs.” attracts supporters.

Then she mentioned a private detail that although Rytmus had to go away again for work, he did not forget the classic thing in the household and had the bins emptied. Although it is a small thing, she values ​​it very much in her man.

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