What to replace expensive butter in sweets: Our grandmothers knew how to do it, try it too

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on butter while baking Christmas cookies? Fortunately, there are alternatives that you can use to replace it, just like our grandmothers used to do.

Although butter is one of the basic ingredients of the vast majority of Christmas cookies, it is not irreplaceable. Not only is its price quite high, but some people cannot have it due to lactose intolerance. However, you can easily replace it with raw materials that fully replace it. Which one is it specifically? You have several options.

How to replace butter when baking cookies, see this YouTube video on the Davis TV channel:

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Fruit puree is a hit again

This wholesome and healthier butter substitute will make cookies much lighter and easier to digest. With fruit puree, you will perfectly reduce the amount of fat and your sweets will contain much fewer calories. Replace the amount of butter in the recipe with the same amount of fruit puree. And what can you make it from?


Peel the apples and then cut them into small pieces. Then put them in a pot of water and let them cook until they soften and some of the water boils off. Finally, blend the mixture.


Banana puree is easy to make. Just cut the desired amount of bananas into smaller pieces and either blend them in a blender or mash them with a fork into a smooth mash.


Butter can also be perfectly replaced with pumpkin. The procedure is the same as in the previous cases. Boil the smaller pumpkin cubes and mash them into a fine paste.


Avocado is very popular in today’s modern cuisine, which can also fully replace butter. Always use only perfectly ripe pieces. You will also supply the body with a certain dose of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

Greek yogurt

Another excellent substitute for butter is high-quality Greek yogurt with a higher fat content. It has far fewer calories than butter, so you might not even gain weight over Christmas. Yogurt not only lightens the candy, but also gives it a pleasant creamy taste.


You can also use buttermilk, which you always use half of the amount of butter. You can also use homemade ones that you can easily make. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and vinegar to a mug of milk and let everything stand for 5 minutes.

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