What is happening to Laura Krumova? It’s almost double and already…

Lora Krumova has been fighting an unequal battle with her weight for years, but apparently either her willpower is lacking, or it is something else that hinders the desire to lose weight from reality.

The TV presenter has admitted over the years that she is not one of those people who would undergo diets, but nevertheless she made this exception, if only to manage to lose weight, but to date the situation is downright startling, because the blonde has become almost double.

Recently, the 44-year-old TV presenter decided to stop torturing herself with regimes, hunger and diets. At the moment, the blonde weighs almost 100 kg., writes “Weekend”.

“I can’t see myself as thin, at least eat, I have one life. I’m stopping diets! I have a husband, children, I’m over 40 and I’ll never lose weight,” Lora Krumova said according to the publication.

Her husband is closely related to sports, but even this could not inspire his wife to train. They have been together for 14 years, but are not married. Sotir is a surf teacher, and in the winter he teaches skiing lessons in the resort of Borovets.

The presenter of “On Focus” can now be seen more and more often opting for loose clothes, precisely to hide her extra pounds.

Those who remember remember that Lora Krumova’s drastic weight gain came after the birth of her son Yavor. Before pregnancy, Laura weighed about 70 kg, and in her best periods she was 60 kg. – kilograms, which to this day seems to sound utopian for her.

USA News Today