Ukrainian communities came together to say thanks for the solidarity

Volunteers participated in public benefit activities within the initiative.

The “Thank you Slovakia” initiative prepared a series of volunteer activities in several cities. At the end of February, two years will pass since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

In Banská Bystrica, the Ukrainian community has been helping since the beginning of the war in a center to help people affected by autism. They help make and decorate jewelry and are also involved in the preparation of events.

Editor Lukáš Urbašík took a look at the initiative’s activities:

“We’ve been coming here for half a year. We like everything here. There is a very creative, pleasant atmosphere. Our Ukrainian girls are also here. We talk, we also learn the Slovak language,” said Julia, a volunteer from Ukraine.

“We are very grateful to Mrs. Katka for her understanding and help for all Slovaks,” said Viktoriia, a volunteer from Ukraine.

Katarína Solivajsová from OZ Creativas Made pointed out that the goal is to include them. “By helping, they are actually helping themselves,” she added.

Twelve Ukrainian women who fled the war go to the center to paint and decorate jewelry.

“They also told us about the more difficult moments they experienced, they showed us photos, which was also a bit more difficult, but at the same time they always exude such positivity, so this is probably the most important thing for me that they come here,” Solivajsová added.

In addition to Banská Bystrica, Ukrainian volunteers also participated in other public benefit activities as part of the “Thank you Slovakia” initiative.

They came together to express gratitude

“They came together to express their gratitude to Slovakia and the Slovaks for the warm welcome and safety for them and their children during these two very difficult years. It started with a public space wall painting that took place in Galant at the high school. It continued with a public clean-up in Košice on Saturday,” concluded Andrej Čierny, coordinator of the “Thank you Slovakia” events.

The series of volunteer activities of the Ukrainian community will end this Saturday (February 17) with the planting of a tree of thanks at Lake Kuchajda in Bratislava.

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