Tragedy in the world of sports: A basketball player († 17) and his teammate were stabbed during a robbery!

Ukrainian basketball player Volodymyr Jermakov was killed in a knife attack in the German city of Düsseldorf. the Kyiv Basketball Association (FBK) said on Sunday. The German police is investigating the case, TASR reports, according to Monday’s report from the server

Seventeen-year-old Jermakov lost his life in a robbery, which happened on the street on the night of Sunday, February 11, The Kyiv Independent wrote according to the server. He was a member of the ART Giants Düsseldorf junior basketball team. The attack, in which Jermakov’s teammate Artyom Kozachenko also suffered serious injuries, should have happened shortly before the team’s scheduled match.

Jermakov succumbed to serious injuries in the hospital, while Kozachenko is in the intensive care unit. The entire team spent the night in the hospital to show support to their teammates, writes

In a statement on the Facebook social network, the Kyiv basketball club indicated that the attack was supposed to have a xenophobic motive and the young athletes were attacked “just because they come from Ukraine”. The investigation of the case was taken over by the Düsseldorf police. Until now, it was not clear whether it was really a hate crime, reminds.

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