Tony Storaro screams at fans, look what he did to Aziz PHOTO

Relations between Tony Storaro and Aziz in recent years have not been good, to put it mildly. Folk stars have been feuding for reasons unclear to the general public, but what Storaro did recently quickly sparked a wave of backlash online.

As is known, Aziz did not even attend the wedding of Tony Storaro’s eldest son – Fiki, who is also part of the chalga guild. And hardly anyone expected to see exactly Aziz on the poster for Storaro’s jubilee concert, where he will lavishly celebrate the 25th anniversary of being on stage.

What has suddenly produced this unexpected change and warming of relations between the two pop folk stars, no one knows. Aziz’s photo on Tony Storaro’s poster, however, is an obvious fact.

The event will be held on May 9 in Arena Sofia, and apart from Azis, Sophie Marinova, Desi Slava, Galena, Alicia, Konstantin, Emilia, Fiki and Emrah Storaro will also sing on stage.

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