A viral trend is advising many people to store their toilet paper in the refrigerator for some pretty interesting reasons.

toilet paper refrigerator tip tiktok fridge

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toilet paper refrigerator tip tiktok fridge

Storing food in a home is a subject that sparks tension, disagreement and, sometimes, quirks. No one seems to be able to agree on things as seemingly simple as storing potatoes, or even storing chips.

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And if we approach the question of the arrangement of the refrigerator, or even where to store eggs or milk, there is plenty to debate endlessly.

To add fuel to the fire, a new TikTok trend has taken over social networks: some people put a roll of toilet paper inside their refrigerator. Weird, right?

Why put a roll of toilet paper in the refrigerator?

One of the accounts that shared the hack is @smartfoxlifehacks. In his video, he states:

Put a roll of toilet paper in your refrigerator and see what happens.

Apparently, the toilet paper roll trick comes from the hotel industry. In fact, thanks to the absorbent quality of toilet paper, it absorbs all the odors from the refrigerator, keeping food fresher and cleaner.

refrigerator toilet paper Max Rahubovskiy

Should you store toilet paper in the refrigerator?ator?

The TikToker Recommends Changing the Toilet Paper Rolls Inside the Fridge every 3 to 4 weeks.

According to House Digestthis trick works. Placing a clean roll of toilet paper in your refrigerator helps remove internal refrigerator moisture and the malodorous particles causing bad odors.

According to the report, you should definitely use clean toilet paper. Moreover, it is best to use unscented rollers.

Whether you’re convinced of this trick or not, it’s quite easy and cheap to get access to toilet paper rolls to test the trick for yourself.

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