Throwing away silica gel is a monstrous mistake, it is an invaluable helper in the home

Don’t get rid of moisture bags unnecessarily! Thanks to its beneficial properties, silica gel has even more varied uses.

Anti-humidity bags, or so-called silica gel, are usually brought home in a package with new electronics, but also with shoes. It is most often in the form of small balls or grains that absorb the surrounding humidity and can reduce it by up to 40%. How and for what can you still use absorbent bags at home?

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Pantry Helper

If you want to protect certain foods from dangerous moisture, stick, for example, bags with silica gel on the inside of the lids of the cans. It is a perfect protection for rice, legumes, flour, breadcrumbs and cereals. It will also protect seeds and nuts that tend to mold.

Odor eliminator

Are you an active athlete? If you do not want to expose your sports bag to unpleasant odors from sweaty clothes later, throw in 1 to 2 bags of silica gel. It perfectly absorbs not only moisture, but also unpleasant odors. This trick can also be used to save shoes. Simply insert absorbent bags into them.

Air Freshener

You can also use silica gel as an air freshener. Pour the balls into a glass, scent them with your favorite perfume or scented oil and close the container. The following day, pour them into an open bowl and the aroma will be released into the interior on its own. Fragrant silica gel can also be poured into a breathable canvas bag that you can put in your dresser or use in your car.

Wet mobile phone and electronics

Have you had an accident with your mobile and dropped it in the water? Once you’ve dried it properly, remove the covers, pull out the tabs, and take it apart. Carefully suck out any water with a tissue and then place the individual pieces in the bag together with the silica gel. If you want the result to be more effective, replace the silica gel regularly. If you have a large amount of this material, pour it into a bowl and put the whole mobile in it. Both methods can also be used when saving other electronics.

Cut protection

Silica gel will also protect your metal objects. If you want to protect them from possible corrosion, store them in a bag together with the absorbent balls. They will thus be safe from the effects of any moisture and unpleasant reactions.

Travel cosmetics

Do you want to protect your travel cosmetics? Put the bags with silica gel in your bag as well. Thanks to them, any moisture from used brushes, tampons, powders and dry shadows will disappear. Even your toothbrush or cotton buds will remain safe.

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