Mont Dieu received a series of criticisms after doing an interview with the chalgaji Maria, and the reason is her statement. She straight up killed the fish with the line that she didn’t know if she was in the process of getting a divorce.

The singer emphasized her daughter while talking about the family, defining her as her greatest asset. He did not fail to point out that the relationship between Mariah and her father is not full-blooded enough, as much as Mariah would like. The singer also reminded that she had been waiting for her child for a long time, going through several procedures.

Of course, the conversation did not go without a question about Maria’s nickname, which she has been so annoyed by for years. We recall that he came after her participation in a beer commercial in which she does just that – opens a beer. Maria’s position on the matter is that this nickname is due to “one of the most watched commercials on the Bulgarian airwaves in general, shot professionally as a cinema film by a master like Dimitar Mitovski”, with which she certainly provoked smiles in front of the small screen. He is both annoyed and points out how much the ad has been viewed.

As for her exit from the stage, Maria stated in plain text: “My withdrawal from the music scene was my biggest mistake. I wouldn’t want it to sound like an excuse. I consider it a weakness. I can take everything back, I will walk my way again .

Sometimes there are things that we do not only with our own will. That was my lesson. I disappointed myself a lot, I hurt myself. I don’t mind paying the price and moving on. Every single person who comes to you and tells you that you have to make a choice to be with you has no place in your life,” she said in response to rumors that she had left “Painer” for a man.

“Men are as sweet as they are wrong. When they win the love of a successful woman, they are very protective. A confident successful man does not offer choices, only happiness,” she explained, without naming the rich man who decided to stop her music appeared. As soon as the interview aired, however, Mont Dieu started a conversation with fans who criticized him for it – that he didn’t get it right at all.

“This interview is not weak and should be seen through his secondary plan,” explained Mont Deux, who hopes that his audience is intelligent enough to delve deeply into the folk singer’s words.