The US Senate supported the aid package in a key vote

18 Republicans also spoke in favor, despite Trump.

$95 billion in aid: The US Senate has backed an aid package for Ukraine and Israel in a key vote
Senators supported the aid package for Ukraine and Israel. Photo: TASR/AP

In a key vote on Sunday night, the US Senate supported a military aid package for Ukraine and Israel. Its final approval by senators is expected in the coming days. AFP informs about it.

In a procedural vote, senators supported the $95 billion foreign aid package by a vote of 67:27. 18 Republicans also spoke in favor. They did it despite the criticism of former US President Donald Trump, according to whom this aid should be provided in the form of a loan.

In addition to Kiev’s $61 billion in support, the foreign aid bill also includes $14 billion in military aid to Israel. The aid package also includes nearly five billion dollars to support partners in the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan.

The vote in the lower house is questionable

Even if US senators approve the proposed package, it is not certain how the vote will turn out in the lower chamber of the US Congress – the House of Representatives. The Republican Party has the majority in it, writes AFP.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated he might try to split the relief provisions into separate measures when the bill arrives from the Senate, according to Reuters. Dozens of Republicans, including Johnson and Trump allies, have previously voted against providing aid to Ukraine.

Republican senators last week blocked a package that combined their demands to strengthen the protection of the US-Mexico border with the provision of aid to US foreign partners. This compromise agreement was complicatedly negotiated between Republicans and Democrats for several months.

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