The sight of her is pitiful. Will the Trenčín station be renovated?

The self-governing region also wants to contribute to the reconstruction.

The self-governing region wants to invest one million euros in the renovation of the bus station in Trenčín. Despite the fact that it is not the property of the region. It belongs to a company that promised to build a terminal there for 100 million euros a few years ago. However, the project failed. The same company has now introduced a more economical variant.

According to the locals, the view of the bus station under the Trenčín castle is pitiful. Twelve years ago, the city sold the land under the station to a private company. She guaranteed to build a terminal there for 100 million euros. All that remained was visualization.

The investor presented a smaller version of the station renewal. Buses from the entire region will stop and pick up passengers only in a small area near the railway station, the larger one will be turned into a stand. According to passengers, it is cramped.

“It went through a complete analysis, where there will be a total of nine long-distance and intercity stops,” explained the project manager of the reconstruction of the bus station, SIRS-Development Ľubor Cmarko.

Editor Dominika Kusá devoted herself to the reconstruction of the bus station in Trenčín:

The self-governing region will also contribute to the restoration

One million euros will contribute to the renovation of the Trenčín self-governing region station. “These funds should be spent on the basis of the contract signed with the owner of the station by October 30, 2025. We will submit an application for a building permit by June 30 of this year,” added Jaroslav Baška, chairman of the Trenčín self-governing region.

If they do not meet the deadlines, the region can withdraw from the contract and apply sanctions. “Construction should take eight to nine months. It is important when we get the building permit. The amount of the investment is 2.4 million euros,” added Cmarko.

“If the builder, i.e. SIRS, applies for a building permit, it will normally be handled by the building authority,” explained the mayor of Trenčín, Richard Rybníček.

How the bus station will look in detail will be presented to the people of Tren on Tuesday (February 13) in Hviezda. City councilors will discuss the investor’s intention on February 28.

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