The road below Strečná will be completely closed every half hour

Climbers will also participate in the survey.

The road below Strečno is completely closed every half hour, there is a risk of more rocks falling
Road under Strečno. Photo: RTVS

Rescue work on the busy road under Strečno Castle will require traffic restrictions. A detailed geological survey will include the work of climbers. They completely close the road to traffic every half hour.

The authorities declared a state of emergency here last Friday. And that after a rock slide that damaged two cars and the road. According to geologists, there is a high probability of further release of rock blocks.

“We would like this weekend as well, but we don’t know what the weather will be like. In this case, it will be an interval 30-minute restriction for security reasons. Either climbers, but especially traffic safety. This means that a fragment does not fall down during movement and does not cause a threat to health, life or property,” explained the head of the District Office in Žilina, Kamil Ruman.

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