The police are reviewing the actions of the police officers in the case in the media in Žilina: Who is responsible for this?

The procedure of the policemen in the medialized case in Žilina is being checked by the control. The police intervened against the driver on Thursday (February 8) when he fled the scene of the accident he caused. TASR was informed about this by Michal Slivka from the communication department of the Presidium of the Police Force.

The information that there was a child in the car was discovered by the police only after an official intervention, clarified Slivka. He claims that the superior of the intervening police officers assessed the use of coercive measures as legal. “The Director of the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Žilina nevertheless ordered an inspection to be carried out. It checks the legality, legitimacy and degree of intensity of the official intervention. But also the communication of the operation center with the informant and the intervening patrols,” said Slivka.

According to Slivek, the Žilina regional director will meet with the driver against whom the police conducted an official intervention on Tuesday.

According to parliament member Jaroslav Spišiak (PS), Interior Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok (Hlas-SD) is politically responsible for the police’s actions. In this context, he pointed to the “special handling” of the accident of the vice-chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Danek (SNS), who was subjected to a breathalyzer test after 15 hours. “The law must apply equally to everyone. And if the Minister of the Interior cares about justice, he must immediately stop the political cover for Danko’s propaganda,” noted Spišiak.

The Department of the Interior responded to TASR that the procedure of the police in Žilina in this case is being checked by the control. “Relevant conclusions can only be made after a thorough investigation,” he added.

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