The gallery of an important Slovak painter in Liptov is falling apart

Already two years ago, they took away valuable paintings from there.

Heavy slabs of marble fell from the facade of the Ľudovít Fullu Gallery in Ružomberok. The building is in bad condition. Already two years ago, they took away valuable paintings from there. The Ministry of Culture promises to renovate it if it receives money from the European Union.

The heavy marble slabs probably fell off during the night and thus did not injure anyone. “We found out that the marble slabs are just glued to the facade, not even on any metal hooks, which we assumed it was. The entire facade is being pushed more and more and there is a risk of falling more panels,” explained the director of Galérie Ľ. Fullu in Ružomberok Zuzana Gažíková.

Editor Milan Velecký addressed the sorry state of the Ľudovít Fulla Gallery in Ružomberok:

The management of the gallery is considering taking down not only the most damaged marble panels, but also the bronze letters so that they are not damaged when they fall.

“So far, we have temporarily taped it off, and now we are preparing to tape it off somehow better, with some printed information not to enter,” added Gažíková.

The gallery remains closed

The eastern front corner of the building has dropped significantly, the facade of the building is “decorated” by a crack through which you can see right into the interior of the gallery.

“There is no extreme leakage, but the degradation process is very gradual. By being there thank God, we are still trying to fight it. So we are removing molds that are actually already in all areas where visitors could walk,” described Gažíková.

The gallery where academic painter Ľudovít Fulla lived and worked was built 50 years ago. Two years ago, it was leaking so much that all of Full’s Petra Bai paintings were taken away. At that time, the cost of its reconstruction was estimated at almost two million euros. According to the Department of Culture, they will receive them from the European Union.

“On Wednesday, the monitoring committee of the Slovakia Program approved the national project Restoration of monuments owned by the state, which will also finance the restoration of the Full Gallery. Currently, it is still necessary for the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic to announce a call for this project and it will be possible to start financing the reconstruction,” said the director of the communication department of the Ministry of Culture, Petra Bačinská.

The Ľudovít Fullu Gallery will remain closed to the public.

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