The Debate about Wonnapha Beach: Pros and Cons

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The renovation of Wonnapha Beach in Chon Buri province sparked significant debate among the online community.

The popular tourist destination, situated in the town of Saensuk, has undergone a facelift that has seen parts of its sandy stretch replaced with precast concrete slabs, resembling large tiles. This development has left little of the original beach visible, leading to a divided response on social media.

Critics of the renovation argue that the new surface creates a slip hazard. Comments on the Bangsaen Facebook page reflect safety concerns.

“Dangerous, get ready to slip.”

Another suggests the need for maintenance staff to scrub away slippery algae.

“We’ll have tourists slipping and getting injured continuously.”

Conversely, some find the new look appealing, especially during low tide, when the water recedes to reveal the beauty of the revamped area. However, the issue of waste management also comes to light, with visitors urged to maintain cleanliness by properly disposing of their litter.

Environmental concerns are at the forefront of the debate, with some users highlighting the potential loss of land due to erosion. If protective measures are not taken, it is estimated that the sea could erode approximately 1 metre of the beach annually. On the other hand, some believe that building walls as a protective measure would cause more harm than good to the natural landscape and would be a wasteful expenditure, reported KhaoSod.

The divergent opinions on social media reflect a broader conversation about development and conservation. While some welcome the change, seeing it as a modernisation of the beach, others view it as a detrimental step that prioritises aesthetics over environmental and safety considerations.

In related news, residents of Na Jomtien in Sattahip raised concerns over continuous disturbances and unauthorised commercial activities on the beach. These issues have previously been highlighted and rectified, thanks to the combined efforts of local officials and law enforcement. However, according to the community, the resolutions have been temporary rather than a permanent fix.

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