The best protection of the property from wild boars: With this trick, they will always avoid it

Many garden and land owners are troubled by feral pig raids. These uninvited guests can cause significant damage to crops, lawns or flower beds in a single night. How to protect your property from these wild invaders?

Wild pigs are large cloven-hoofed animals that prefer moist deciduous and mixed forests. They are characterized by a large head and short limbs, their coloring ranges from black to yellowish brown. They are omnivores that combine plant food with small animals in their diet. They have a strong family instinct, living in groups from a few individuals to 50 members.

How to survive a wild boar attack? Watch the video on Marek Chlíbek’s YouTube channel – Dago:

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What damage can they cause

Wild boars are known for their ability to forage quickly and efficiently, not hesitating to dig up entire areas of soil to find roots, tubers or even grubs. This raid leads to the devastation of vegetable gardens, orchards, meadows or lawns, which can deprive the owner of a significant part of the harvest or cause high financial losses.

Effective protection: Electric fences

One of the most effective methods of protection is the installation of an electric fence. This physical barrier provides both a psychological and physical barrier to feral pigs, making contact with the fence uncomfortable but harmless to the animals. Choosing the right type and installing a fence is key to ensuring effective protection. An alternative is odor fences.


Scarecrows, whether ultrasonic, optical or others that emit sounds or lights unpleasant for feral pigs, are a really effective addition to physical barriers and repellents. These devices prevent wild boars from entering the property without physically harming the animals. Their effectiveness may depend on specific conditions and the adaptability of the game.

How to avoid unwanted visitors: Removing lures

Another key step to protecting your property is removing potential attractants. This includes keeping the area clean, regularly picking up fallen fruit and ensuring that rubbish is not easily accessible to feral pigs. Early removal of these lures can greatly reduce the likelihood of these animals visiting.

Selection and installation of protective measures

When choosing protective measures, it is important to consider the specifics of your plot, such as its size, location and types of crops grown. For electric fences, choosing the right type of generator and ensuring that the fence is properly installed and maintained is key. In the case of odor barriers, it is important to regularly renew the application in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Protecting land from wild pigs requires a thoughtful approach and a combination of different methods. Whether you opt for physical barriers such as electric fences or prefer odorous ones, the key to success is regular maintenance and adapting protective measures to the specifics of your property.

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