Technician finds stingless bee nest in air conditioner in Thailand

An air conditioning technician recently encountered a peculiar situation while servicing a unit in a customer’s bedroom. Seeking advice, the technician posted an inquiry online, asking for the identification of a mysterious creature found within the air conditioning system.

The online community quickly responded, revealing that the creature was a stingless bee, known locally as “ชันโรง,” which also happens to produce delicious honey.

The Highland Research and Development Institute provided further insight into these insects, known scientifically as stingless bees. These small social insects exhibit behaviour similar to that of their larger relatives, collecting nectar and pollen from flowers to use as food.

Belonging to the Family Apidae, stingless bees differ from other bees in that they lack stingers and are therefore unable to sting their enemies. Instead, they have strong mandibles which they use to bite their adversaries in defense of their colonies.

Stingless bees are distributed exclusively in tropical and subtropical regions. In Thailand, there have been reports of 39 different species of stingless bees. The distribution of each species varies based on the availability of food sources, environmental conditions, temperature, and the altitude of their habitats relative to sea level.

This unusual discovery by the air conditioning technician not only sparked curiosity but also highlighted the diversity of wildlife that can be found in close proximity to human living areas. The stingless bees’ presence in the air conditioning unit is a testament to their adaptability and the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature even as it intersects unexpectedly with our daily lives.

In related news, a landscaper from Sisaket wasn’t as lucky. He was discovered lifeless under a tree along Highway 331 in Chon Buri, where authorities suspect involved in a fatal encounter with a beehive.

Nong Prue Police Station received an alert about the grim discovery on January 15, prompting an immediate response from law enforcement and rescue teams. Upon arrival, they found a blue Isuzu trailer truck parked near the highway, and about 50 metres away, the lifeless body of 35 year old Weerachai Sunthonrak lying face-down beneath the tree.

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