Slovak education found itself in the red: Children from socially weaker families are doomed to failure!

Children in Slovakia from socially weaker families do not have a chance for a good education. This was pointed out by the results of the PISA international student testing, which was published by the OECD. According to them, Slovakia ranks among the worst countries in terms of access to quality education for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. TASR was informed about this by the communications manager of the Center for Environmental and Ethical Education (CEEV) Živica Eva Sládková.

“The influence of the student’s socioeconomic status on his performance is significantly stronger in Slovakia than in the average of OECD countries. In other words, if a child in Slovakia is born into a well-off family, he achieves excellent results, and if a child is born into a socially weak family, he is doomed to failure“, pointed out the director of the CEEV organization Živica Zuzana Labašová.

During the official presentation of the PISA results, according to her, Slovakia came into the spotlight as negative example. Switzerland, on the other hand, was singled out, as it successfully balances the socio-economic background of children through education.

She explained that Slovakia is among the countries that have the highest concentration of disadvantaged students in specific schools. It is thus placed in a group with countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary or Colombia, Guatemala and Peru, where significant separation disadvantaged pupils from their peers from a more stimulating environment.

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