Several people are leaving Igor Matovič’s movement

Among them are Mária Šofranko, Peter Kremský and Ján Marosz.

Mária Šofranko and several former MPs and colleagues are leaving Igor Matovič
In the photo, former MP Mária Šofranko. Photo: FB/Mária Šofranko

Several former deputies and collaborators are leaving Igor Matovič’s Slovakia movement, among them Mária Šofranko, Peter Kremský and Ján Marosz.

In a joint statement, they stated that they were leaving after several unsuccessful attempts to change the functioning of the movement.

“The reason is the lack of critical approach and willingness to discuss unpleasant topics fairly. These are mainly the incomplete campaign, the non-transparent compilation of the candidate list and the unfavorable result of the parliamentary elections, the political isolation of the movement and the ill-considered actions of the leadership, such as the hasty change of the name of the movement,” they said in a written statement.

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