Schools are closing again due to respiratory diseases

The most sick schoolchildren are in the Košice, Prešov and Trnava regions.

Influenza and other respiratory diseases are beginning to subside. Despite this, more than 300 primary, secondary and kindergarten schools are still closed. The most sick schoolchildren are in the Košice, Prešov and Trnava regions.

Silence, empty corridors and classrooms without students and teachers. Every day, schools evaluate how many children are absent and decide whether to suspend classes based on that.

“Last week we had 36 percent of sick children. I communicated with the Bratislava Regional Office of Public Health, where they advised me that if I do so, then for about five days. This means that the children will return to school on Wednesday (February 14th),” said Hana Závodná, principal of ZŠ Dudova 2 in Bratislava.

How does morbidity develop in schools? Editor Barbora Škulová took a look at this:

“It peaked today, we had a 43 percent sickness rate at school. We have declared a flu holiday from Tuesday (February 13) to Saturday (February 17). Starting school is February 19. I think that now is a good time for the students and teachers to heal a little and not to spread it further,” said Milan Dulina, director of ZŠ L. Podjavorinská.

Most of the sick are among preschoolers and children in the first grade of primary schools. Daša Račková, spokeswoman for the Slovak Public Health Office, confirmed that in the sixth calendar week, 347 schools and kindergartens reported interruption of classes.

“Morbidity decreased slightly compared to the previous week. The highest morbidity was in the age group under five years old,” added Račková.

Entitlement to sick leave

If the school is closed due to a large number of sick children and the parent stays at home with the child, he is entitled to nursing allowance. The Social Insurance Agency reminds parents that if they want to claim it, there is no need to visit a doctor for the application.

“The parent prints the form from the website of the Social Insurance Company. In the event that the school is already closed and has published this decision on the website, it is possible to download this decision from the school’s website and deliver it to the Social Insurance Company,” explained the spokesperson of the Social Insurance Company, Martin Kontúr.

Last year, the Social Insurance Agency paid an average of 158 euros per month to parents.

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