Scarecrow for women over 50: These essential oils will help you manage menopause

At some point in every woman’s life, menopause will come with its attendant symptoms. If you want to alleviate them, do not hesitate to use essential oils.

Are you experiencing menopause or climacteric? So you know the states when your mood swings like on a swing, you are tired and you are overcome by hot flushes and sweating. Natural essential oils will help you with these female problems. Their aroma has beneficial effects.

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This is a period of several years in which the level of the female hormone estrogen decreases and ovarian function gradually decreases until it disappears. Hormonal changes occur that affect the entire organism and its system. Menopausal problems often include irritability, insomnia, loss of energy, moodiness, back pain, decreased libido, osteoporosis and weight gain. Up to 70% of women suffer from unpleasant hot flashes or night sweats.

Essential oils

During this period, you can benefit greatly from essential oils, which you can use to scent your home regularly. “These are volatile aromatic essences that penetrate the human body through the sense of smell and the skin and have beneficial effects on the organism. Their concentrated power works holistically on several levels – on body, mind and emotions.” says Petra Kaiserová, product specialist of Nobilis Tilia. Fragrant oils have a positive effect on mood, boost self-confidence and generally alleviate all symptoms of menopause.

Solo and mix

According to your judgment, you can choose individual fragrances, but the current market also offers mixes that are specially mixed for women at this stage of life.

How to use oils

“Use them classically as oils in an aroma lamp or diffuser, or dilute them in vegetable oil and, if necessary, rub your lower abdomen or hips for relaxation and relief.” recommended by Petra Kaiserová. In the same way, you can keep a container with oil in the office on the table, where it will also be helpful during the day. And which oils are the most suitable?


This herb is perfect for menopause. Its woody aroma can soothe pain and reduce accompanying symptoms of menopause. Sage is a perfect natural antidepressant. The ancient Romans already called it herba sacra, or holy plant.


It is a fresh and slightly sweet floral fragrance that will give you energy. It perfectly alleviates the symptoms of menopause, thanks to the harmonization of hormonal levels. It relieves you of pain, spasms and bad moods.


This essential oil has wonderful calming effects and helps reduce mental tension and high blood pressure. In addition, marjoram also works perfectly for respiratory and stomach problems.


The aroma of this oil can quickly induce mental well-being, relieves symptoms of stress and reduces irritability.

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