Rezyl: Half-naked Ivka Bebe left Thailand with a… mustache PICTURES 18+

The scandalous influencer Iva Ivanova, who became famous in the virtual space with the nickname Ivka Beybe, scandalized everyone with clumsily placed silicone in her bosom, but recently she has been attracting attention with something else.

And not only pinned him down, but also caused an unprecedented wave of hate towards himself in negative time. Although she flaunts a toned body in her recent social media snaps, something else has left her followers speechless. The mustache!

Currently, Ivka Beybe collects natural vitamin D on the island of Phuket in Thailand and tries her best to spread sex appeal and provocations. But she apparently neglected to clean her mustache properly, and it is too visible not to provoke a wave of reactions.

As can be clearly seen from the shots of the influencer, her mustache is sticking out above her upper lip, but Ivka clearly doesn’t mind showing herself in this way. Moreover, she herself recently admitted that she has had serious facial hair since she was a child and regularly goes to a beautician. Well, in that case, she may have missed the visit and will suffer all sorts of verbal consequences and taunts.

“It’s full of transvestites and you decided to join them?!”, “Don’t worry about the mustache – after all, most of the women there have an Adam’s apple”, “You have a third eyebrow under your nose”, read only a small part of the reactions on the network under her photos.

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