Producer Andrey Arnaudov shocked viewers with this VIDEO

Andrey Arnaudov made a rather curious video on his Instagram profile, which surprised many. The producer pulled out a word that provoked ambiguity.

Some on the web even suspect that this is happening because the future of bTV’s patriotic show “The Farm” is still unclear, possibly due to the new show “Who Knows” which is generating serious interest so far.

“I want to make a very quick and punchy live, in which I ask you three things. Since Ivan and I announced that for the first time after 25 years of work we will have an online show, I want to ask you – do you watch TV regularly and if not – why, what exactly are you watching on the Internet and what do you think our new online show should be called, which starts very soon,” said Andrey, and his words provoked quite a few reactions.

“When a person tells me at the 30th second that he doesn’t watch TV, for me it means that he certainly watches TV absolutely every day, at least two hours, he is even brutally addicted to it,” Andrey added.

Very soon, Ivan and Andrey will apparently surprise with a new project, for which, however, they have not yet released almost anything, except that it will be in the online space.

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