Problems with the integrated system in the Banskobystrica region

The drivers claim that they were not properly trained.

The introduction of an integrated transport system in the Banskobystrica region has brought problems to bus drivers. They complain about non-functioning devices and difficult operation. They claim that they were not properly trained. The leadership of the self-governing region wants to eliminate the shortcomings.

The new transport system has been operating in the Banskobystrica Region since the first of February. However, according to the drivers, especially from the Lučensk SAD, it works poorly from a technical point of view. More than half of them have already signed for a quick resolution of the situation.

“The most common problem is that many times the check-in facilities are not covered by the signal or the GPS fails, or they simply cannot issue a ticket because the system crashes,” said Robert Molnár, chairman of ZO OZ KOVO SAD Lučenec.

Editor Marek Pivoluska took a look at the state of the integrated transport system in the Banskobystrica region:

“There were occasional technology outages. The largest scope is in one component, in the printers, but in general, if I want to confirm the functionality of the system, today we have 230,000 clients who have purchased a travel ticket,” said Radoslav Vavruš, manager of the integrated transport system.

According to trade unionists, drivers were not trained to switch to the new system. They are asking for redress.

“Unfortunately, these drivers were not trained. There are already attacks from the traveling public, because once I sell a ticket to three people and then the printer fails, and I don’t sell the ticket to the others, they really attack the driver because he paid and this one doesn’t have to,” he criticized Molnár.

The management of BBSK claims that although it has organized the training, it is ready to do additional training for the drivers as well.

“We would not allow ourselves to go through such a big change without training. If someone says today that they don’t have enough information, we will offer further training,” said Ondrej Lunter, chairman of the Banskobystrica self-governing region.

Some drivers are on PN

Some drivers even signed up for PN. Trade unionists fear that the situation will not escalate even more. At the same time, they point to a constant shortage of drivers and problems with acquiring new ones.

“Increasing the pressure and frustration of those employees, and even in a situation where they have the option and with an average age of 58 years and over, most of them can really go into early retirement, is really too risky in my opinion,” stated the chairman of the OZ KOVO board, Monika Benedeková .

The trade unionists do not question the integrated transport system, they just want it to work without problems.

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