Prime Minister Fico is changing his rhetoric: What is he asking President Čaputová to veto the amendment to the Criminal Code?

Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) calls on President Zuzana Čaputová to propose a 20-year statute of limitations for crimes against life and health, freedom and human dignity, family and youth when vetoing the amendment to the Criminal Code. According to him, the coalition would thus deal with the extension of the statute of limitations for rape, which the Parliament shortened to ten years by the Criminal Code. He stated this in a video on the social network.

“The coalition will deal with this comment and, I repeat, despite the fact that it is convinced of the correctness of its proposal, it is ready to comply with the possible proposal of the president to the extent mentioned,” Fico said.

He also pointed out that the statute of limitations for the crime of rape was ten years between 1961 and 2005, and only then was it increased to 20 years by the government of Mikuláš Dzurinda.

“Just as we decided to reduce some of the draconian penalties introduced in 2005, we also considered it professionally correct to return the statute of limitations for rape to ten years to motivate female victims of sexual violence to report these crimes at a time when they can investigate,” stated the prime minister.

According to him, the opposition did not have enough arguments on this topic and therefore launched an emotional theater in the parliament last week. Fico called it pharisaical, since during the weeks of negotiations on the Criminal Code, she did not submit a single amendment to the statute of limitations.

The amendment to the Criminal Code was approved by deputies in an abbreviated procedure last week. It results in the abolition of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the reduction of criminal rates and limitation periods, and the reduction of the limit of damages for property crime.

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