PPA: Payment requests will be electronic only

Applications will only be submitted electronically.

The Agricultural Payment Agency (PPA) must be pro-client and digitized. According to the Minister of Agriculture Richard Takáč (Smer-SD). According to the new regulations, farmers will submit requests for payments only electronically, and the new management is supposed to take care of de-bureaucratizing the processes. Farmers welcome it, they say that electronic applications will not cause them problems.

The PPA is facing the dissatisfaction of many farmers this year. Payments are delayed and, according to representatives of the agricultural sector, nervousness among farmers is growing. The minister mainly blames the former management of the agricultural department for this. The opposition, on the other hand, reminds that farmers should have had the money in their accounts already in December.

Payment requests for payments will only be made electronically in the PPA. Editor Soňa Otajovičová addressed the changes in the agency in the show:

The Ministry is preparing several measures to prevent a similar situation from happening again. According to the head of the agricultural department, Richard Takač, the key is the digitization of the payment agency.

“For the 2024 campaign, all direct payment requests will be submitted electronically. Until now, it was also possible in writing, the 2024 campaign will be submitted electronically. Of course, it will also result in the streamlining of all processes,” he said.

See the Minister of Agriculture Richard Takača (Smer-SD) on the payment of direct payments:

A change for thousands of applicants

Until now, electronic submission of payment requests was mandatory only for legal entities, according to the chairman of the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food (SPPK), Emil Mach, the changes will affect thousands of applicants “who submitted it on some pieces of paper”.

“That also slows down the process. Today, whoever wants to start a business on land, and most of the applicants are natural persons – non-entrepreneurs, have some obligations. That is to create an electronic mailbox and submit the application electronically,” said Macho.

SPPK therefore welcomes the change and believes that the hitherto complicated processes will be accelerated thanks to it. Changes await farmers this year also in terms of payment of direct payments. PPA head Marek Čepko promises that they will evaluate the applications sooner. “as for the start of the actual payment after the decision is issued, we start on December 2,” Čepko explained.

PPA usually pays farmers already in December, but this year they are still waiting for last year’s payments. The agency has so far paid 77 percent of the advances, by law it has until June, which is a big problem for most farmers. This is also one of the reasons why many are on strike alert.

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