Popular Thai meatball franchise accused of unfair practices

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A well-known meatball franchise is in the midst of a drama, as a customer accuses the franchise owner of unfair practices and taking advantage of buyers.

The complainant shared her experience on Facebook, sparking a wave of controversy. Numerous other individuals have allegedly suffered similar mishaps and are considering legal action.

The Facebook user detailed her experience with the popular meatball franchise, claiming she felt the system was not fair to buyers. After purchasing a meatball franchise and another for dry noodles from the same brand, she found the franchise system to be unfair to buyers. She has heard of many individuals who invested in the hope of establishing themselves but instead found themselves in debt.

The woman described several instances of what she perceived as unfair actions by the franchise owner. For instance, after purchasing the franchise, it took three to four months for some people to receive their meatball-making equipment. Moreover, the franchise owner recently released a video criticising franchisees for not meeting his standards.

In the beginning, the franchise owner sold meatballs to the franchisees for 100 baht per kilogramme. After calculating profit and loss, she found that to gain a profit of 100 baht, she would need to sell four bags of meatballs. When she did not fill the bags to the brim, which resulted in no profit, she was berated by the franchise owner.

Additionally, it was revealed that the cost of the meatballs was less than 60 baht per kilogramme, but they were being sold at 100 baht. Despite paying between 250,000 and 300,000 baht for the franchise, she claimed she received nothing in return, except for the recipe and the meatball-making machine.

Lawsuit against owner

The woman was supposed to receive the machine within 40 days of purchasing the franchise, but it only arrived after 60 days. Now, several people have filed lawsuits against the franchise owner, reported KhaoSod.

Another problem arose when she purchased an additional franchise. The franchise owner allegedly scolded her for not ordering noodles from him. She was under the impression that franchisees could buy noodles and meatballs from any market. Yet, she was berated and warned that if she did not order noodles from the franchise owner, she would not be allowed to sell.

The latest issue is that the franchise owner started selling dry noodle franchises for 50,000 baht in every district. However, these franchisees were also allowed to sell meatballs, which was not supposed to be the case.

The woman revealed that there are over 40 people who have suffered losses due to this franchise. Most do not speak out because they hope to recoup their investments and fear reprisals from the franchise owner.

The post sparked a viral response on social media, with netizens commenting and analysing the situation. Some expressed sympathy for the woman who revealed her story, while others criticised the franchise owner. Some wished to hear the story from both sides and urged the franchise owner to clarify the entire situation.

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