Never eat this popular fruit for breakfast, it’s a risk. It thickens the blood

The current lifestyle does not give many of us many opportunities to rest and take care of our body’s health, so we choose at least a healthier diet as a sure alternative. But be careful about what and especially when you take it so you don’t hurt yourself. Even fruit may not be quite “safe”.

What does a typical breakfast look like at home? For some it is a piece of buttered bread, eaten on the run while sending the children to kindergarten or school, for others a peaceful moment of morning relaxation over a fragrant cup of coffee, and in ideal conditions even a “feast”, similar to a hearty English breakfast. No matter how we eat the first meal of the day, we should always think about what and why we have breakfast. We could unknowingly harm ourselves – even with seemingly healthy food.

If you know how to bananas, they will definitely be beneficial. In addition, it is also possible to consume the seemingly impossible – their skins. The video from 3T and Interesting things from the world on YouTube will show you how.

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Watch out for the bananas

Whoever thought that such an ordinary banana could not go wrong would be sadly mistaken. Although it is a healthy fruit, it is definitely not ideal for breakfast. Because it contains so many carbohydrates that it is able to literally thicken the blood, especially in the morning, when the body is usually not yet sufficiently supplied with fluids. Increased blood viscosity then slows down its flow through the entire system and can cause more serious problems. In addition, there are many people who can suffer from gas after eating bananas (especially on an empty stomach).

Quick short-term energy

In addition, the rapid supply of a large amount of the already mentioned carbohydrates will provide the body with immediate energy, but on the other hand, it is a “fuel” that is consumed very actively, so its effect is lost again at the same speed. It can happen that you already feel hungry and exhausted at nine o’clock. If we want to slow down the loss of energy, and thus mainly the breakdown of carbohydrates, it is good to at least supplement such a banana breakfast with high-quality fats.

It’s a healthy fruit if you know how to use it

But in order not to slander bananas unnecessarily, it should be emphasized that if we postpone their consumption until later, we will do a lot of good for our health. It is about the supply of fiber, which positively affects the digestion process, as well as the intake of probiotics, which bananas contain and thereby support the multiplication of beneficial intestinal bacteria. That is why doctors also recommend one banana a day to people who have problems with increased inflammation in the intestinal tract.

For the heart and brain

Like fiber, the potassium contained in bananas also helps the body in reasonable amounts. However, we have to be careful about the amount of pieces consumed, because an unusually high supply of this element can cause kidney problems, while the right doses, on the contrary, support their function. If we do not overdo it, we are doing a good deed that will also be appreciated by the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Think about food too

So what conclusion can we draw from the given information? Bananas are clearly a healthy fruit that provides the body with both energy and beneficial substances and fiber. However, we should watch their consumed amount and avoid eating them as the first meal of the day.

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