Neli Hadzhiyska divorced and admitted: My husband first…

Neli Hadzhiyska from “Wanted” is clearly starting the new year with a number of drastic changes – not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. The TV presenter admitted that she recently divorced her husband Danail.

The two have gone through a number of attempts to find their way back to each other, through various therapies and options to reawaken the drive, the love, the desire, but to no avail.

“My husband was the first to say that it’s not the same as it was before, but I was the first to ask for a divorce,” the blonde admitted to bTV, who these days also presented her new project – a minecast with conversations about spirituality.

From Hadjiyska’s words, it is clear that she and her now ex-husband went to family therapy, to churches and what not, in order to save their relationship and marriage – for a year and a half, but nothing worked .

“Everyone found that it vibrates at a different frequency, we just fell out of reality,” Hadzhiyska also shared.

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