Multi-father Kollár won’t allow one woman for years: I had a panic attack!

Before you Boris Kollár (58) got into politics, he was known throughout Slovakia as a successful businessman and father of many. The former Speaker of the Parliament never hid the fact that he grew up with only a mother who did everything for her two sons, and in order to support the family, she also had several jobs. He talked about his past for .

“I didn’t really miss my father in my childhood. We lived with my grandmother and at one time my mother had a boyfriend who lived with us. So I had a male role model there, if my mother was so active that she collected other children from the yard and went skiing to Bezovec or Petržalka to the amusement park, or some kind of hike.” revealed to

“She was more active than the other parents of my friends. Everyone jumped into her car and she set off for some adrenaline with us.” added Kollár, who was sorry that his father did not meet with them, but he never blamed him for it, and in the end they found their way to each other. “He died of cancer and when he was leaving, I held his hand and we forgave each other,” he said. The close relationship with his mother at a young age also turned into his traumas.

“I was afraid of one thing and I couldn’t bear it for a long time. Once I saw on TV that there was an accident, the parents died and did not return from a business trip. And it stuck with me so much that when she went to work and didn’t stay at home, I realized that I only had her and my brother and if something happened to her, we would be left alone in the world, and what would happen to us. I was terrified and had a panic attack,” revealed his 13th chamber.

Everyone knows Kollár as a rich man, but he was not surrounded by luxury in his childhood. As he says, they didn’t have it easy, but his mother did everything to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

“My mom was never home at 4 p.m. She often worked late into the night and struggled. She also had a second job and many times, when things were bad, she also took on some cleaning and I went to help her. We washed the corridors, the elevators, there was always a smell,” continued the head of the We Are Family movement.

“It was not always easy. I experienced my own, it hardened me and I said to myself that when I grow up, I want to be rich and successful so that my children don’t have to experience this. That was my engine for success,” he finished.

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