Most owners make a mistake when storing granules: Do not pour them out of the original packaging

Would you also do and buy anything for your pet? And how about beautiful and decorative granule boxes. They look much more attractive and neat in them than in the original packaging. It’s just that the manufacturers know what they’re doing, so we shouldn’t spoil their efforts.

Granules for dogs (and not only for them) are usually bought in opaque plastic bags, nowadays often with a “zipper”, which allows re-closing after each pouring of food into the bowl. It is often a relatively expensive food for our pets to maintain, the quality of which is really important to us. At such a moment, however, it is good to think about what the right storage system is.

How to properly store granules? Yoggies TV on youtube advises you:

Source: Youtube

No access to light

First of all, we should note that the feed should not be exposed to light. So if the breeder were to think of pouring the granules into, for example, a large canning jar, thinking that it would keep better and longer, he should think twice. If the light did not bother the granules, manufacturers would supply them more often in transparent bags.

Seal the bag

Another of the rules for storing dry dog ​​food ideally talks about the airtightness of the packaging. The access of air supports the processes that gradually lead to the degradation of the feed. Not only would we lose the money we invested in his purchase, but if we didn’t notice the changes in time, we could cause the animal major health problems.

Buy a reasonable amount

Do you have a small dog, but a larger package of food is more economical? Try to dismiss such thoughts as quickly as possible, because it is a risk that is definitely not worth a few crowns. It is always necessary to assess how long an open package will last. If small portions are enough for a dog, an open ten-pound bag will most likely be spoiled before you get halfway through. It is unnecessary and consequently more expensive. In many cases, the expiry period may even expire, after which the manufacturers (with proper storage) guarantee the quality and health safety of the feed.

If I can, only good quality

If you can’t resist and have simply decided that you don’t want feed bags at home and really need to pour them into a more attractive container, then choose an opaque one and, above all, one that can be sealed very well. It might be a bit more expensive, but your dog will pay you back with his cheerfulness when he is not suffering from digestive problems from spoiled kibble.

Don’t be afraid to throw away the leftovers

The same applies to feeding the animals themselves, as in storage. If we are worried about the granules not spoiling in a bag or other container, they can also – of course much faster – spoil if not poured into a bowl. “Educating” an animal that does not want to eat new pellets by leaving them in the bowl until the dog finally decides that they are better than starvation after all is an absolutely wrong and dangerous way to go. Granules that have been licked several times, and therefore even moistened, will quickly turn rancid in the air and after a few days the dog will be fed spoiled food. We certainly don’t want that.

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