Are your hands itching and looking forward to throwing yourself into beautiful materials and Christmas decorations? Learn this beautiful and simple star. You can master it in a minute and it costs almost nothing!

A beautiful five-pointed star is ready in a minute

Poinsettias and snowflakes are some of the simplest decorations, but you should definitely not ignore them as too simple and ordinary. They are not! On the contrary, they will make a big show, and when they have a soft warm light in the background in the evening, they will be the most romantic and adorable memories of the Christmas atmosphere.

Throw plastic and prefabs behind and make your own decoration. The author of this video from the Auermedia Arts & Crafts YouTube channel will teach you how to make a simple five-pointed star. Everything takes practice, but this decoration is ready literally in a minute and has great potential. You can change not only the used paper, but you can also decorate the finished star.

Source: Youtube

Large double-sided glued star

A similar star with closed four points is also easy to make, and by gluing two of these together, you get a really nice decoration. It is precisely for the production of this plastic, yet very simple decoration that a nice, stronger and decorative paper is suitable. In this case, size definitely matters.

You don’t have to have a lot of similar giant stars to conjure up unprecedented views and arrangements at home. Such a beautiful star can be not only a part of the decoration, but also a beautiful solitaire that will decorate the staircase, the entrance to the house, but also balconies and windows.

Christmas stars and snowflakes for children and adults

But you don’t have to buy beautiful paper to have nice poinsettias, houses or other decorations. Even ordinary cardboard, which has a color similar to gingerbread, will also serve you well, so you only need to decorate it richly with a white marker and you will have simple Christmas decorations in the Scandinavian style.

You can try a variety of different stars and snowflakes folded like origami, but also cut out. Classic and seemingly simple snowflakes cut out of a folded square of paper are also a good example. On the Internet you will find many templates that will serve at least as a basis and inspiration. Let’s face it, not everyone, and especially children, can hardly imagine what the resulting flake will look like.

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